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NeuroImpulse Protocol: Beyond the Spine (Members) (NIP-C-BTS-clone)
NeuroImpulse Protocol: Beyond the Spine (Members) (NIP-C-BTS-clone)
Here you will learn: - Front of body subluxation syndromes; Kinesiopathology, neuropathology, compensation patterns, POI’s and adjusting techniques Hyoid, Sternoclavicular, First rib, Angle of Louis, Xiphoid, Pubis - Upper limb Subluxation...
NeuroImpulse Protocol: Spinal Basics (Members) (NIP-C-SB-clone)
NeuroImpulse Protocol: Spinal Basics (Members) (NIP-C-SB-clone)
Here you will be introduced to the: - concept of cerebral dysafferentation and its biomechanical effects - Physics of linear and angular impulse and its relationship to the chiropractic adjustment - Summary of research on the neurological...

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